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Children's Cookery Classes

We are passionate about teaching children how to cook, encouraging them to think outside of the everyday meals, experimenting with flavours that surprise them and challenging them with new ingredients and cooking skills that they might never have dreamed of attempting.  


Here at Food at Twelve, we believe every child should have the opportunity to cook just as we adults like to, using the freshest ingredients, gaining new skills, confidence and an excellent knowledge of nutrition to support a healthy wellbeing as they develop.

Our children's cookery classes are run across a variety of venues in Birmingham, with after school clubs and weekend dates available, read more now!

Children Can Cook

We offer a range of cookery classes suitable for children of all ages.  

You'll find cooking classes for 4-7 year old, 8-12 year old and 13-16 year olds.  

Classes are usually 2.5 hours long and take place in various venues across Birmingham.

The cost of the class includes everything, just turn up ready to learn about good food! 

(Sometimes we have leftovers, you might want to bring something to take them home in!)

Children's cookery classes are suitable for children of all abilities.

We choose recipes that children can recreate again at home with minimal adult supervision.

All our cooking classes are taught by experienced cooks and chefs who can't wait to teach you some new cookery skills.


All tutors have DBS certificates. 

All recipes that we use in our cookery classes can be tailored for dietary requirements.


We cook delicious food alongside teaching lifelong cookery skills and simple nutrition.

We teach and use a balanced and varied diet.  

Lemon Cake, baking classes
Soup, simple cooking techniques
Minestrone soup, colourful cooking
Children Can Cook
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