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A party without cake is just a meeting

Who doesn't love a good food quote?! Or cake for that matter.


Now for the Blog - I've been putting off writing this first blog post for a couple of reasons.

What to say - this is my "Hello World" post! I just want to introduce myself and what Food at Twelve and it's ideas are about and why I created it without waffling and sounding like just another person who likes food and thinks they can write.

I'm not a blogger - I'd like this blog page to be like a cup of tea with a piece of cake, a little escape in the world. It's going to be a place where thoughts are written, recipes are found and tested, ideas for growing are contained, it will be fun and probably random - not ground breaking stuff!

So for the first point - I'm Bethan and welcome to Food at Twelve. Yes that's me on the hammock with my cat, Eddie, along with a Gin and Tonic! Both will probably feature again on the blog...

Marc my boyfriend and DIY adventurer here at No 12 will no doubt also appear often. He's my 'food partner', witness to all my experiments in the kitchen and always a willing taste tester.

Food at Twelve is my first food project after many years of talking about what I'd like to do and achieve. With time, perseverance, patience, support from friends and Marc and a lot of food I think I'll get there. A hub in Birmingham for people who like good food. Whether that is eating, cooking or growing.

I believe that food should be fun, delicious, nurturing and for me, it's the life and soul of the party. I want to share that with everyone who finds us.

There will be pop up cookery classes in Birmingham for children and adults, for beginners who have never mashed a potato to enthusiastic home cooks who love a souffle challenge or already make the perfect sourdough. We always have something to learn from each other and our food tastes, experiences and appetites are always growing.

For those that aren't keen cooks, there is always Feasting. The catering side of Food at Twelve. We love to see the enjoyment and satisfaction that a mouthwatering feast brings, for us, that's what catering is about. Good, honest, tasty and creative food. We work closely with clients and customers to deliver food that's perfect for every individual event.

What about the cup of tea and piece of cake idea?? Well, everyone likes their tea differently and everyone has a different favourite slice of cake. On this tangent, you'll find all sorts of blog posts popping up.

I plan to write about my own adventures in the kitchen, there will be a lot of baking, bread and cakes. Our latest challenge here at No 12 to eat healthy so we can still enjoy those G & T's and Marc's beloved wine. Progress on the pop up classes and food projects in Birmingham. Lastly, my garden here at 12. My mission to create a cottage garden in the middle of Bearwood, full of edible plants, flowers, leaves, roots and shoots.

I really hope there is something that grabs you and appeals to you in my blog posts and can't wait get this journey on the road and share the twists and turns along the way.

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