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The food team - Bethan Rees

Bethan Rees

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Bethan has worked with food since she was a young thing and loves nothing more than sharing her love of cooking with children and families. 

With early memories of being in the kitchen aged 3 making apple crumbles with her mum, it's not a surprise that sweet treats and baking are now an everyday part of life!

Having trained at the Rosie Davies Cookery School, she spent 3 years in Europe working as a private cook in chalets, shooting lodges and villas, followed by a hectic life in London, working for the author Helen Fielding as cook, nanny, occasional PA and just about everything else.  Creating sumptuous dinners for a star studded guest list - she's not phased by a daunting challenge.

Bethan joined Sophie Grigson and Amelia Earl in Oxford to work with the exciting and ever creative Pop Up Cookery School - Sophie’s Cookery School (Oxford).  Quickly getting stuck into the informal, hands on, enthusiastic classes that they run, Bethan helped to get their children’s classes in Oxford, up and running at The Story Museum.  Whilst working with Sophie Grigson, Bethan was instrumental in setting up the cafe at The Story Museum, helping  design and create the menu, run the kitchen and cook in the cafe. 

Bethan now lives and works in Birmingham after a move to the city to work with Kitchen School, a popular cookery school in Edgbaston.  Having grown and developed the school, designing and implementing new classes, along with teaching and assisting with Supper Clubs and private catering, the icing on the cake (excuse the pun!) has been the enormous success and popularity of the Children's Cookery Classes - Saturday Kitchen for Kids and the 3 Day Cookery Clubs in the holidays. 

You can find Bethan and the food team popping up around Birmingham and the surrounding areas.  

They currently offer an extensive selection of children's cookery classes and work closely with local schools.

Of course, if you just want to eat (don't we all) then they'd love to cook up a storm for you!

The food team - Bethan Rees

Laura Lloyd

I love food, every part of it; preparing, cooking, sharing it with others and of course eating wonderful food!

However, what I love the most is trying new, unusual ingredients, recipes and meals.


I love to travel and for me, one of the most exciting parts of that is having the opportunity to try so many amazing, unusual dishes from around the world.  I will try anything from insects to durian, it's so exciting to try something new, something I really encourage children in our classes to do.

I am a school teacher and my passion is working with children.  Completing my degree at Birmingham City University in 2008, I have taught in a diverse range of schools from the ages 4 to 11 in Birmingham, South Africa and Thailand. 


During the last 2 years I became Early Years Co-Ordinator in Birmingham where all children had the opportunity to cook at least once a week. These sessions not only impacted on their cooking skills but their life and social; physical, mathematical and literacy skill too! However most importantly they loved it and were always so excited for their next session!

I feel that it is so important that children gain access to as many skills, opportunities and adventures as they can in a safe and happy environment. I do my upmost to do just this!

My next adventure with Food at Twelve, is bringing our experiences to children and adults of all ages and backgrounds in a fun and exciting way.  Not only do those that attend our classes learn so much but I have too and I can’t wait to see what I will learn next!

I hope to see you soon and look forward to cooking with you!

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